General Use

Step 1: Selection of Files

Upon opening the Meaning Extraction Helper (MEH), the first thing that you will want to do is specify the location of your text files. MEH is designed to cleanly read text stored inside of .txt files with various encodings. In order to select your desired files for analysis, click on the Select Folder button on the top left portion of the program. You will be prompted to select which folder you would like to open, and MEH will scan the folder for .txt files that it will include for analysis. Once you have located the folder that you would like to analyze, press the OK button.


Step 2: Language Manipulation Selections

MEH engages in a rigorous and thorough removal of extraneous characters from your text prior to all scanning and processing, helping to ensure the most streamlined process leading up to the meaning extraction method. However, you will most likely want to make additional changes to the text prior to all analyses such that common concepts are recognized as the same, and removing extra words (known as “stop words”) that are traditionally of little value to content and meaning extraction. This section will only cover the basics of this process. For advanced use of these features, please refer to the “Advanced Conversions” page.

For basic use, you will simply want to load the default MEH stop word and conversion lists. To do this, simply use the Language Selection panel to select your desired language.

LanguagePanel - NEW

Once your desired language is selected, simply press the Load Default Conversions and Load Default Stop Words buttons.



These buttons will populate the corresponding boxes with the default lists that are built into MEH. You may edit these lists to your specific needs, and capitalization is not important for these lists. NOTE: These lists are not comprehensive, and are still under development for multiple languages. If you would like to contribute to this process, please e-mail the author of this software. You will be listed as a contributor on this website.

Finally, users interested in performing the Meaning Extraction Method will likely want to perform lemmatization. In order to do this, ensure that the LemmaGen Lemmatization 3.0 checkbox is still selected.



Step 3: Selecting Options

If you are interested in only performing a frequency analysis, you need only to specify this by using the “Options” menu and making sure that only “Generate Frequency File” is checked. Afterwards, you may continue on to the Step 4. If you want to perform the Meaning Extraction Method, however, you should select some of the other output checkboxes, such as “Generate Binary Output” and “GenerateVerbose Output”.

Now that you have selected the language manipulation options that you intend to use, you should select the appropriate options for performing the Meaning Extraction Method. For basic uses, the MEH defaults should be adequate. For more advanced uses, please refer to the “Options” page.


Step 4: Analyzing Your Text

Once you have reached this step, you are ready to have MEH process your text. In order to do this. Click on the Analyze! button to begin this procedure.

MEH will then ask you where you would like to place your output.


Once you have selected where you would like for your output to be generated, click the OK button to proceed. MEH will now make two passes through the text that you supply. The first pass is to run a frequency analysis, the second pass is to run a content analysis. This procedure will overwrite preexisting data that shares the same name as the output data, so make sure that back up previous analyses in another location. You may press the Cancel button at any time to halt analysis if you need to do so.

Once processing is complete, you will receive a notification. You now have your complete analysis! Afterwards, you are ready to begin your PCA!